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What is Blexten used for?

Blexten is a second generation antihistamine prescribed for treating various allergic conditions. Certain chemical messengers in the body are blocked by this product. This reduces inflammation (redness, tenderness, heat, and swelling), itching, and rashes. Blexten Tablets provide relief from symptoms associated with seasonal hay fever (allergic rhinitis), seasonal allergies, and allergies. These include blocked or runny noses, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes. Various substances that cause allergic symptoms are reduced in the body as a result of it. In addition to relieving asthmatic symptoms, Blexten 20mg/10mg Tablet reduces swelling in the airways. You should not give this medication to others even if they have similar symptoms. It may not treat their specific condition and can increase their risk of experiencing side effects.

Blexten Information

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