Tretinoin (Biacna)

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What is Clindamycin/Tretinoin (Biacna) used for?

Tretinoin (Biacna) is used for treating acne and other skin conditions as prescribed by your doctor. It works by removing bacteria that cause acne and preventing the clogging of the pores on the surface of the skin. Skin damage caused by the sun's damaging rays is also treated with tretinoin. Skin care programs containing retinol and sun protection are most effective when used together.

Tretinoin (Biacna) Information

How To Use Tretinoin (Biacna)?

It is important that you follow the directions of your doctor when using this medicine. Please do not exceed your doctor's recommended dosage, frequency, or length of use. Your doctor should check for allergic reactions before using this product. Seek immediate medical treatment if you are allergic to the product.

Windburned or sunburned skin or open wounds are not recommended for the application of this medicine. Use this medication only outside the nose and eyes, not inside them. Whenever possible, avoid touching these areas with the medicine. If you do accidentally touch these areas with the medicine, wash them with water as soon as possible.

Avoid using topical products that contain alcohol or abrasive soaps or ingredients that have a drying effect. This can make your symptoms harder to treat.

Apply this medication to clean, dry skin by using your fingertips to wash off any mild soap or cleanser. Once you have finished washing your face, gently pat it dry without scrubbing it. To ensure complete drying of the skin, wait 20-30 minutes before applying this medicine. The skin can be irritated if tretinoin is applied to it when wet.

It can take weeks to months to see ideal results. If you have the impression this is not working for you, contact your doctor before discontinuing treatment.

If you stop taking this early your symptoms can return. You should also avoid taking this more frequently than instructed as it will not improve treatment and can increase your risk of experiencing side effects.

Talk to your healthcare professional if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or intend to become pregnant. With pregnancy, this medication may harm an unborn baby or pass to breastmilk. You should be consulting your doctor or pharmacist if you become pregnant during treatment.

Keep out of reach of children or animals when not in use. It should be stored in a cool, dry place.

To use the cream, gel, or lotion form of this medicine:
- The amount of medicine you should apply to your face should be just enough to cover the affected areas lightly and rub in gently but well. Use a pea-sized amount to cover your entire face. It is recommended that you use a moisturizer while using the lotion.

To use the liquid form of this medicine:
- The affected area should be covered with enough tretinoin solution, whether by fingertips, gauze pads, or cotton swabs. To prevent the medicine from running into areas not intended for treatment, don't get the gauze pad or cotton swab too wet when applying the medicine.
- To remove any remaining medicine on your hands, wash them after applying the medicine.

What are the side effects of Tretinoin (Biacna)?

The most commonly reported side effects of Tretinoin (Biacna) include:

More common:

  • Unusually Warm Skin (Mild)
  • Redness of Skin (Mild)
  • Unusual Dryness of Skin (Mild)
  • Lightening of Treated Areas of Dark Skin
  • Burning, Itching, Stinging, Scaling, or Redness of the Skin
  • Chapping or Slight Peeling of the Skin (Mild)
  • Lightening of Normal Skin Color
  • Darkening of the Skin

Less common:

  • Pain
  • Irritation or Peeling at the Application Site
  • Dryness
  • Redness

What are Drug Interactions of Tretinoin (Biacna)?

Few known Drug Interactions of Tretinoin (Biacna) are listed below.

  • Salicylic Acid Topical
  • Aminolevulinic Acid
  • Sulfur Topical
  • Isotretinoin
  • Clascoterone Topical
  • Benzoyl Peroxide Topical
  • Resorcinol Topical
  • Porfimer
  • Methoxsalen
  • Verteporfin
  • Aminolevulinic Acid Topical
  • Methyl Aminolevulinate Topical

Tretinoin topical disease interactions
There are 2 disease interactions with tretinoin topical which include:

  • sunburn
  • eczema
  • crohn disease or ulcerative colitis

How much does Tretinoin (Biacna) cost in Canada?

Starting price of Biacna 1.2%/0.025% cost in Canada
- 180 grams - $540.00 USD ($3.00 per grams)

Starting price of Generic Equivalent Tretinoin Gel 0.01% cost in Canada
- 75 grams - $60.00 USD ($0.80 per grams)

Please scroll up and refer to the products area for Tretinoin (Biacna) 0.01%, 0.025%, 0.05% , 1.2%/0.025%, 0.04%, 0.1%, 10mg costs in Canada.

Do you need a prescription for Tretinoin (Biacna) in Canada?

You do require a prescription to order Tretinoin (Biacna) in Canada. Licensed pharmacies are unable to dispense prescription required drugs without one.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended as supplementary information to that provided by your doctor. The guidance provided by your doctor supersedes any information provided on the website. Do not avoid or disregard any counseling from your licensed medical professional based on this information. If you have any medical questions that are not answered here, we do offer counseling from a pharmacist.