How to Save Money on Prescriptions – 5 Simple Steps

Prescription drugs are often too expensive for most households. The U.S does not regulate the cost or negotiate with drug companies for lower prices. This often leaves individuals with the burden of finding a way to afford their drugs. Luckily there are options and most are pretty simple. Sometimes even small changes can help.

Buy a 3 month supply

Due to fees with the pharmacy it is often cheaper to get a three months supply at a time. There are sometimes shipping costs with mail order services that can be reduced by buying a supply for personal use rather than refilling every month.
Depending on the drug, some individuals can save 15 to 30% off their drug costs. Unfortunately, for some of the outrageously expensive drugs this may not, unfortunately, be feasible.

Switch to a generic product

Brand name medication has additional costs associated with the generic drugs. The original developer of the drug has to recover the cost of advertising, researching and developing a new drug. Once its patent protection expires generic drug manufacturers are able to produce it more competitively and cheaply.
While some changes to the recipe are necessary, such as trademarked appearances or nonmedical ingredients. The actual therapeutic benefit is the same. A lifesaving drug is just as effective when made by a generic manufacturer. It is legally required to do so.

All drugs that go through regulated supply chains are inspected for safety and efficacy. As long as you are getting your drugs from a reputable source, there is no reason to pay extra to get the exact same treatment.

Use a Canadian online pharmacy

Online pharmacies are able to get better prices on the prescriptions because they source medication from countries where prices are regulated. Your best option is likely a Canadian pharmacy as they have comparable health standards to the U.S.

Sunshine Pharmacy is a brick and mortar Canadian pharmacy and an affordable alternative to expensive U.S pharmacies. Health Canada has comparable health standards to the U.S. Similar websites are referral services that often get medications from overseas. Using an actual pharmacy is the best way to ensure you are getting a safe and effective product.

Make sure you still need all of your medications

While it’s easy to say “just don’t take your medications”, it could just be that easy. Talk to your doctor to determine how necessary your current drugs are. It is important that you have this conversation as stopping your medication early can worsen your condition. Even if you feel better, you may still need to keep taking the drug until you are advised to stop.

Talking to your doctor and being re-examined can save your thousands of dollars a year depending on our drug costs. You may also get comparable results from adjustments to your lifestyle, including diet and exercise.

Find lower cost options

In addition to generic drugs, some brand name drugs can be cheaper than others. You can also shop around as some pharmacies have better prices. This may take more effort and diligence than other options but when all else fails.

The possibilities are as endless as your craftiness and creativity. Maybe the manufacturer can offer rebates, perhaps your doctor has free samples on hand? Some people mix their insurance as well as using a Canadian Online pharmacy to avoid ending up in the donut hole. There’s too much to list here.