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About Sunshine Pharmacy Canada

Sunshine Pharmacy is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are a community oriented pharmacy. We are a Canadian company with the goal of giving customers worldwide the same services we provide our local community.

We are committed to providing only Canadian medication. Our pharmacy offers brand name and generic medications that you would find at any local pharmacy.

We are excited to bring our knowledge, expertise, and history of personalized care to our customers all over the world. You can access safe and effective Canadian medication online from anywhere in the world and have it delivered right to your doorstep. The medication we dispense is approved for sale by Health Canada so you can be assured knowing that you’re getting safe and  effective medication that meets the highest standards.

At Sunshine Pharmacy, we prioritize offering a unique and world-class customer experience. Our  team of pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are qualified to help you with any of your medication needs.

Our Pharmacists are available for counseling on any medication needs by calling 1-833-781-5773.

You can call us at 1-833-781-5773 and place your order with a representative on the phone, download and print an order phone for us to fax in, or order online.

Sunshine Pharmacy Online Reviews

Sunshine Pharmacy
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Maher KiwanMaher Kiwan
12:52 09 Jun 24
More than pleasant experience
Michael MooneyMichael Mooney
22:19 06 Jun 24
Ive been a pharmacist in USA for 52 years. After researching Canadian pharmacies for several months, I chose Sunshine.I like the fact that their apixaban is manufactured in Canada.I am very pleased with their prices and service.
Ron PhillipsRon Phillips
23:03 18 May 24
Good prices, Canadian quality, good service.
Sue ZajSue Zaj
14:14 17 May 24
Sunshine Pharmacy has provided excellent service and dependability in receiving prescriptions on time. I appreciate their professional service and refill notification when time to re-order. I highly recommend this pharmacy to anyone.
Mary Jean ArponMary Jean Arpon
13:17 17 May 24
Nothing can beat Sunshine Pharmacy. Very efficient, friendly service! Love them!
Thanet FlintThanet Flint
14:06 11 May 24
My first order from a Canadian pharmacy. They are very helpful over the phone, online chat and email. I'm very impressed so far!Still loving this pharmacy in 2024!
Shawna FloydShawna Floyd
17:55 06 May 24
Linda NajarianLinda Najarian
12:54 29 Apr 24
Friendly, efficient pharmacy. Highly recommend.
Easy to fill out account
Michael CaronaMichael Carona
15:42 15 Apr 24
Tina NewberryTina Newberry
22:53 08 Apr 24
Sunshine Pharmacy is a great mail order business. I have had excellent service and the people over the phone are very helpful. You can count on your prescriptions; trustworthy.
Adrian ValenzuelaAdrian Valenzuela
16:10 08 Apr 24
Alex and AceAlex and Ace
17:45 26 Mar 24
easy to use website
12:10 14 Mar 24
Prompt secure proffesional services with very good prices
Debbie Jo SchwarzDebbie Jo Schwarz
19:52 08 Mar 24
I am deeply grateful to find a place where I can access what I need at a reasonable price. They have always had the answers to each question and the customer service is spot on!
Marci BloodworthMarci Bloodworth
17:45 07 Mar 24
I have had nothing but the best experience using Sunshine pharmacy. You can speak to a pharmacist. You can ask questions, they do contact you and offer a consultation. You can reach them almost instantly by phone. You talk directly to the pharmacist that's assigned for your medication dispensing. I highly recommend them. My most recent order would have been $598 .00 in the states for 3 months supply regardless of my insurance. However with Sunshine I for 3 months I paid $ 240.00 Plus $9.95 shipping. This is the one that I was very surprised to have received in four days.
Wade SchwandaWade Schwanda
15:56 23 Feb 24
I've had a good experience with Sunshine pharmacy purchasing prescriptions that would otherwise be exorbitantly expensive purchased in the US (I require name-brand for one medication for medical issues). I had no issues with my doctor sending prescriptions and Sunshine will contact the doctor when the prescription runs out. They are basically like any other pharmacy, except dramatically cheaper if you need name-brand medications.
David MillikanDavid Millikan
20:43 13 Feb 24
I first errored in my negative review. Reason chat was slow because I was using a different internet access. Entirely my faultI am positive Sunshine is going to work out very well.
wanda anglinwanda anglin
21:01 21 Oct 23
Leaving a review to hopefully make others less nervous about using Sunshine Pharmacy. I had been using Blue Sky Drugs in Canada to order a UK-manufactured drug. Was very happy and was confident ordering from there because it had been a referral from others I knew had used them. But then my very popular drug became backordered (a worldwide problem with this drug right now so I don't fault Blue Sky). So now I had to look for a new pharmacy and as I had not done any due diligence before, as I searched, I learned a lot about vetting a foreign pharmacy. I would say you should never use a Canadian pharmacy that is not CIPA certified...and Sunshine is! They have several other designations that you search online and confirm they are legit organizations. I called Sunshine and a real person answered and confirmed the drug was in stock. So I took a deep breath and ordered from them. Account setup was straightforward and they emailed order confirmation, then debited my account within a day. Then it went silent...I got worried so I called and and again someone answered and explained that first-time international ACH transactions would take a week to clear. This is something I feel they should have told me before ordering or at least could have included the information in an email letting me know my account had been debited and it would be a week before my order was processes pending the ACH clearing. I called back the day after the ACH transaction was to have cleared because still no email or change in status in my account. Again a real person who was very helpful answered and said my order was in the queue to be processed and would go out that day or the next. And it did, and the med is as described and working as well as the other. So except for a little more communication I feel was needed about the delay and the status of my order as it moved thru the process, it was a very good experience AND I am saving US$70+ monthly (my drug is pricey) over the previous pharmacy. I highly recommend Sunshine!
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