Tenormin (Atenolol)

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What is Tenormin used for?

Tenormin (atenolol) is used to treat high blood pressure which can prevent heart attack, stroke and can help treat chest pain. It can also be used to help survive after a heart attack. This product is known as a beta blocker which helps by blocking epinephrine and making your heart beat slower and with less pressure. This lowers your blood pressure and opens up veins and arteries to make the blood flow with less strain on the heart. Tenormin can be used to prevent chest pain associated with angina, heartbeats (arrhythmia) and high blood pressure.Taking Tenormin can prevent future heart disease, strokes and Heart attacks If you have high blood pressure. Tenormin is used to treat heart-associated chest pain and high blood pressure and It is sometimes used off-label to prevent migraines and treat some irregular heart beats. It is a beta blocker.

Tenormin (Atenolol) FAQs

Why buy Tenormin from Sunshine Pharmacy ?

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How to use Tenormin?

Tenormin is taken once or twice per day as per your doctor’s orders. It is administered as an oral tablet. It’s recommended to take this with or without food but fruit juice may prevent this medication from absorbing the medication into the body. Refrain from drinking juice within four hours of taking a dose.

This product can be used to treat angina (chest pain). It is important to take it on a regular basis to be effective even if you are feeling well. This should not be used to treat sudden chest pain, rather to prevent it. If you need relief for a sudden chest consult your doctor for something that will be effective for that.

Results likely won’t occur immediately and can take 7-14 days to notice any effect. If your symptoms worsen or do not improve in two weeks consult your doctor and make sure you are meant to keep taking this medicine.

What are side effects of Tenormin?

Most prescription medications have side effects and Tenormin is no different. A side effect is generally considered prior to prescribing the medication but it is still important to consider them as they can sometimes be unpleasant. If they do become bothersome enough that you feel you cannot continue taking it. Please inform your doctor before making any changes.

  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • vivid dreams
  • cough
  • dry mouth
  • trouble sleeping
  • decreased interest or ability for sexual activity
  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • constipation
  • nausea
  • back or joint pain
  • slow heart rate
  • spinning sensation
  • diarrhea
  • loss of appetite
  • headache

The following side effects are not as common but they can lead to other, more dire conditions. If you experience the following consult your doctor when possible.

  • irregular heartbeat or palpitations
  • worsening heart failure (e.g., swelling of ankles, feet, or lower legs, difficulty breathing)
  • chest pain
  • signs of depression (e.g., poor concentration, changes in weight, changes in sleep, decreased interest in activities, thoughts of suicide)
  • vision problems
  • confusion (especially in seniors) or memory problems
  • breathing difficulty or wheezing
  • dizziness or lightheadedness when getting up from a lying or sitting position
  • skin rash
  • cold hands and feet

If you experience the following it may be necessary to cease taking the medication and seek medical attention immediately.

  • chest pain
  • symptoms of a serious allergic reaction (such as swelling of the face or throat, hives, or difficulty breathing
  • severely slow heartbeat (especially less than 50 beats per minute)
  • severe shortness of breath

What are Tenormin Drug Interactions?

What is the generic name for Tenormin?

The generic equivalent is atenolol.

Who Makes Tenormin?

Tenormin is primarily manufactured by AstraZeneca. It has a generic and It may be licensed by different manufacturers in other countries.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this page is to provide basic information on this product and is not intended to substitute medical advice from a licensed doctor. Always make sure to consult with a doctor before ordering medication online from Canada. Do not avoid or delay seeing a healthcare provider based on what you read here.