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Referral benefit program

Get Additional Savings From Sunshine Pharmacy

Find out how customers  just like you can earn and save money for  you, your friends, and your family.

Our Referral Benefit Program is designed to make it easy for customers just like you to earn direct cash rewards when you share your experience with Sunshine Pharmacy.

For every person that you refer, you’ll earn a percentage on every order they ever place!

You can use these reward dollars to save with us, or we’ll simply send you the reward money you earned via check to thank you for being a savings advocate for Sunshine Pharmacy

How The Program Works

  1. You send a friend our way (they can call 1-833-781-5773, or create an account online).
  2. They place their order and mention they were referred by you!
  3. As soon as they place their first order, you start earning 5% of their order value.
  4. This means if your friend places an order of $200 value, you will get $10 added to your account as a credit, or you can request a check for the value of your credits be sent to you!
  5. When you friend refers a friend you get even MORE savings. You will earn 1.5% of the order total for your friend’s referral purchases.

So if you refer your friend Samantha and she places an order of $200 and mentions your name, she will earn a 20% discount and you will earn $10. Then if she refers her friend Audrey, you will STILL earn 1.5% on Audrey’s purchases, so if she makes a purchase of $200 you will earn $3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my friends and family up?

As long as you have completed one order with us, you can simply give them our phone number and tell them to mention your name when they phone, or direct them to our site and tell them to let us know you sent them in the order notes.

When they place their first order with us, you’ll start earning! When they call 1-833-781-5773 and order, if they mention your name they will also get 20% off their first order with us.

How much can I earn?

There is no limit to the savings! We want you to tell all your friends about Sunshine Pharmacy! In order to help people all over save on their essential medications we need more people to know about us. That’s why we’re rewarding you to help others find our company! The more people you sign up, the more you’ll earn, and when your family and friends start signing up people they know, you still earn money back.

Can I use my rewards for my purchases with Sunshine Pharmacy?

Of course! When you call in to place your order we’ll let you know how many reward dollars you have, and we’ll take that from the purchase price to help you save on our already low prices.

Can I be sent a check with my reward dollars?

Once you’ve earned over $100 in referral dollars you can ask for a check for that amount to be sent to you from Sunshine Pharmacy, that money is yours. You’ve earned it!

There is, however a $15 service fee to have the money sent to you. This is to cover administrative costs associated with getting the check sent out to you. There is no cost associated with using your referral dollars towards a purchase!

Why do I have to wait to accumulate $100 before I can be paid out?

You have to wait until you have $100 saved because of the fees that are associated with a check. Sunshine Pharmacy charges a service fee, and many US banks charge additional fees to cash a check issued outside of the US. In order to get the best savings, we recommend using your benefits towards orders made with Sunshine Pharmacy.

Is my credit to my spouse’s account?

Yes, you can transfer any credits on file to another patient’s file.


*Up to a maximum of $1000 USD.

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